Your own App

With iZasshi you get your own customized application for mobile and tablets, you only need to provide us with your details and personalized images and we generate your application in record time.
Never been easier to have your own newstand!

Icon + Name

Choose the name you want for your application with the icon that you like to identificate it, we will publicate it and manage it in the main applications stores.

tu app

First Screen - Splash

Choose the picture that you want to show at the beginning of the application. We adjust and optimize it for all devices.


Corporate and typography

Choose the colors and typography that you want for your App, we customize the application with your settings making it unic and different from the rest.



Fully customizable section in which you can display details about the services you offer, link to your website even display a map of your location.


Socials Networks

Link your main social networks inside the App with the Information menu section, here you can link with your main social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,...


Image slide

At the top of the main section of the App, there is an automatic image slide to promote events or featured publications.

valoracion publicaciones


Your application accessible and translated into any language you need. Make your App international and accessible by offering it in multiple languages and available around the world.


Customers feed-back

  • Rating: With a rating between zero and five, your clients can rate publications that they prefer and sort it by more rating.
    On each publication detail window, they can see their last rate and change it.
  • Downloads: Manage each publication downloads with a statistic personalized portal where you can see and generate reports of all your total downloads or monthly downloads.

valoracion publicaciones

Reports ans statistics

You have a Web panel from which you can see all kinds of statistics such as the number of downloads of the App as well as the geographic location from which you have produced. You can also see the number of downloads and average rating of each publication.