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Interactive display

By integrating powerful viewer of iZasshi you visualize publications adapted and optimized the device fully interactively:

  • Zoom: Use the zoom to adapt the content to the size you want to not miss any detail.
  • Turning the page: Change of page like a classical paper publication, if you turn the page it shows a very realistic and bending effect.
  • Bookmark: Mark your favourites pages quickly by pressing the bookmark button, later you can access them quickly and effortlessly.
  • Search:Find any word inside any publication throught the powerful search engine integrated in the viewer, which highlights found words and where they are.
  • Navigation with thumbnails: Access the thumbnails bar by only tapping on the screen. It shows all the publication pages to navigate quickly around the content effortlessly. Current page or pages are highlighted.
visualiza de modo interactivo
previsualización de las páginas

Pages preview

With the preview button you access to another screen where all publication pages are displayed in a table. Swipe down or swipe up to navigate to different publication pages. By only tapping on one of them, it will be shown in a full screen.

Integrated multimedia

Offer a unique experience to your customers with integrated videos in any page and position in the publication.

  • Video: You can select two ways:
       - Downloaded videos with the publication, no Internet is required for reproduction.
       - Streaming videos, Internet is required for reproduction.
  • Audio: Incorporate integrated music in any publication page and position, offer a unique and different experience playing music while you look at the publication.
  • Web: Merge and combine your publication content with dinamic external Web content. You can display Web content such as your business website, a contact form or advertisement of any other page in the position that you want.
  • Maps: Add interactive maps on the page that you want and your users can browse and see where they can find you. You can display a map portion with an an- notation to describe a particular direction.

multimedia integrada
doble orientación

Double orientation

Interactve display mode sensitive to the current device. Choose the way that best suits at any time, change the orientation of the device to display:

  • Only one page in portrait.
  • Two simultaneous pages in landscape like a paper magazine or catalog.

Content links

Enrich your publications by including links on any page and position of the publication:

  • External content links: Internet required, such as link to Social Networks, author websites, external references...
  • Internat content links: you can link internal pages to make reference or to have an index in the first page, this way the navigation through internal pages is faster.

enlaces a contenidos
preferencias configurables

Viewer preferences settings

With settings button, the user can establish their viewer settings:

  • Setting page in full screen or auto setting without deformation.
  • Activate internal and external links, so that they answer or not when you tap on them.
  • Highlight internal and external links for quick identification.

Content management

Friendly and optimized interface for phones and tablets that allows the user complete management of available publications digital kiosk:

  • Sort: Apply quick ordination filters on the catalog of publications of the kiosk in function of your needs. You can sort them by publication date, alphabetically by title or by the publication size.
  • Delete: Delete downloaded publication to release space in your device and download it again whenever you want.
  • Favorites: Make favourites the downloaded publications that you want, this way you can access them faster without searching them among all the applications in the kiosk.
  • Descripci√≥n detallada: Get a detailed description of every publication only touching it, here you can find its complete title, publication date, size or a content summary.

gestión de contenido
notificaciones de novedades

Interactive maps

You can include an interactive map that osition you to make your customers know where to reach you at any time. With this mapping system you can in- dicate the exact position of your company with a brief description of it.

You can choose how to map that you like:

  • Standard: displays the map of a particular road.
  • Satellite: displays satellite images of a particular road.
  • Hybrid: displays a mix of standard and satellite views.
Your customers can make zoom in or zoom out to the point marked much as they want.

Share in Social Networks

Your customers can share with their friends in social networks the publication that are reading.
With a simple gesture, they can share their opinion through Facebook, Twitter o email.

compartir redes sociales
contenido gratuito o de pago

Free or paid content

Publications in your digital kiosk can be free or paid, choose those which best suit your business model. In case of paid publication, obtain large benefits with their sellings, set the selling publications price and obtain the maximum benefit for direct sale integrated inside the App.
Users only have to press the buy button and as soon as the purchase is validated, the publication will be downloaded automatically in their device.

New notification

Keep application users informed of new publications or important news through the notification system. It has never been so easy to send notifications to all registered devices. iZasshi gives you access to a Web application where you write the notification text in the language you want and send it by only pressing a button.

notificaciones de novedades